Welcome to the Breakthrough Church Family!

It gives us great joy to welcome you as a member of Breakthrough Church.

We like to think of this church as a Family, and believe that God is pleased with that analogy. Truly, it is wonderful to be part of the Family of God which is made up of believers around the world from many walks of life and denominations. People who may worship God in different “styles” and ways, but people who are united around the Cross of Jesus Christ and His blood that was shed for the forgiveness of sin.

However, there is also the joy of being part of a local body of believers, or a local family where joys and sorrows can be shared, where needs can be met, and families can be ministered to.

While there is no “perfect” family, we know that you also understand there is no “perfect” church family. We do serve a perfect God though, and are ever striving to be more like Him in all we say and practice. As Pastor, I can guarantee that you are not joining a perfect church or a perfect family, however, I can assure you that you are joining a church that is focused on doing the Will of God and primarily that is to see souls won into the Kingdom, edifying our Savior in Worship, and enabling Christians in their spiritual growth.

We here at Breakthrough value the gifts God has given to you and look forward to the great things He has for the entire family here at Breakthrough Church. Over the next few weeks you will attend our Pathway to Purpose New Members Assimilation Classes to get acclimated to Breakthrough Church.

Pastor Joseph & Stephanie Carr